All of JUSTFOG products strictly comply with the essential safety requirements of the European environmental protection legislation (CE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

[CE Certificate] 1453-5핀세트-1

[CE]1453 5Pin Kit

[CE Certificate] 2043 세트-1

[CE]2043 Kit

[CE-EMC] AC-DC어뎁터 cerificate-1

[CE]AC/DC Adopter

[CE-LVD] AC-DC어뎁터 cerificate-1

[CE]AC/DC Adopter

[USA] FCC certificate-1

[USA]FCC Certificate

[USA] UL cerificate-2

[USA]UL Certificate

[배터리셀 CE] 650-1100-1

[CE]650 Battery

[ROHS Test Report] 1453-5핀배터리 세트-1

[RoHS]1453 5Pin Kit

[ROHS Test Report] 2043-배터리 세트-1

[RoHS]2043 Kit

[RoHS] AC-DC어뎁터 RoHS 92page-1

[RoHS]AC/DC Adopter

[발열코일재료 SGS] CAN14本色英文-1


[배터리셀 SGS] 650-1100-1

[RoHS]650 Battery

[투명경통 SGS] 2805 2014 SGS-1

[RoHS]PC Material

[1453카토-5핀배터리] KC 적합등록필증_JF65FP10-1

[KC]1453 5Pin Kit

[2043카토-배터리] KC 적합등록필증_JF90BT20-1

[KC]2043 Kit

[AC-DC 어뎁터] KC Certificate-1

[KC]AC/DC Adopter

[CE cerificate] C-G-S_14-1

[CE]14 Series

[RoHS] C-G-S_14-1

[RoHS]14 Series

ISO 인증서_en(ISO认证证书)