Trademarks & Patents

All of the trademarks and design patents related to JUSTFOG products are registered in more than 50 countries in the world, and all the rights are exclusively owned by JUSTFOG Korea.

[등록_상표_1453_USA] 1453 trade mark-USA-1

[USA]1453 Trademark

[등록_상표_2043_USA] 2043 trade mark-USA-1

[USA]2043 Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_USA] JUSTFOG trade mark-USA-1

[USA]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_고릴라얼굴_USA] 고릴라얼굴 trade mark-USA-1

[USA]Character Trademark

[등록_상표_1453_EU] 1453 trade mark-EU-1

[EU]1453 Trademark

[등록_상표_2043_EU] 2043 trade mark-EU-1

[EU]2043 Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_EU] JUSTFOG trade mark_EU-1

[EU]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_고릴라얼굴_EU] 고릴라얼굴 trade mark-EU-1

[EU]Character Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_China] JUSTFOG trade mark-China-1

[CHN]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_고릴라얼굴_China] 고릴라얼굴 trade mark-China-1

[CHN]Character Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_Australia] JUSTFOG trade mark_Australia-1

[AUS]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_HK] JUSTFOG trade mark_HK-1

[HK]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_JAPAN] JUSTFOG trade mark-JAPAN-1

[JPN]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_Mexico] JUSTFOG trade mark-Mexico-1

[MEX]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_NEW Zealand] JUSTFOG trade mark_NEW ZEALAND-2

[NZL]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_Norway] JUSTFOG trade mark_Norway-1

[NOR]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_Philippines] JUSTFOG trade mark-Philippines-1

[PHI]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_Russia] JUSTFOG trade mark-Russia-1

[RUS]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_Singapore] JUSTFOG trade mark_Singapore-1

[SIN]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_1453_Korea] 1453 trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]1453 Trademark

[등록_상표_2043_Korea] 2043 trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]2043 Trademark

[등록_상표_Beetle Juice_Korea] Beetle Juice trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]Beetle Juice Trademark

[등록_상표_Cookie_Korea] Cookie trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]Cookie Trademark

[등록_상표_JUSTFOG_Korea] JUSTFOG trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_상표_MAXI 톱니나사_Korea] MAXI-톱니나사 trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]MAXI Gear Trademark

[등록_상표_고릴라얼굴_Korea] 고릴라얼굴 trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]Character Trademark

[등록_상표_저스트포그_Korea] 한글 저스트포그 trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]Korean JUSTFOG Trademark

[등록_디자인_5Pin C-P Battery_China] 5Pin C-P Battery design-China-1

[CHN]5Pin C Battery Design

[등록_디자인_1453_China] 1453 Clearomizer design-China -1

[CHN]1453 Clearomizer Design

[등록_디자인_2043_China] 2043 clearomizer design-China-2

[CHN]2043 Clearomizer Design

[등록_디자인_1453_EU] 1453 clearomizer design-EU-1

[EU]1453 Clearomizer Design

[등록_디자인_1453_EU] 1453 clearomizer design-EU-1

[EU]1453 Clearomizer Design

[등록_디자인_2043_EU] 2043 clearomizer design-EU-1

[EU]2043 Clearomizer Design

[등록_디자인_1453_Korea] 1453 clearomizer design (패턴포함)-Korea-1

[KOR]1453 Clearomizer Design with Patent

[등록_디자인_1453_Korea] 1453 clearomizer design (패턴포함)-Korea-1

[KOR]1453 Clearomizer Design

[등록_디자인_2043_Korea] 2043 booster tube design-Korea -1

[KOR]2043 Booster Tube Design

[등록_디자인_2043_Korea] 2043 Clearomizer design-Korea -1

[KOR]2043 Clearomizer Design

[등록_디자인_Cookie_Korea] Cookie design-Korea-1

[KOR]Cookie Design

[등록_디자인_FOG10 Cartridge_Korea] 포그텐 핀형 카트리지 design-Korea-1

[KOR]FOG10 Cartridge Design

[JFT 등록_디자인_C14_Korea] C14 Clearomizer design_Korea-1

[KOR]C14 Clearomizer Design

[JFT 등록_디자인_C14-1_Korea] C14 Clearomizer design(맥시까끌이무늬)_Korea-1

[KOR]C14 Clearomizer Similar Design1

[JFT 등록_디자인_C14-2_Korea] C14 Clearomizer design(민자무늬)_Korea-1

[KOR]C14 Clearomizer Similar Design2

[등록_디자인_S14_G14_Korea] S14_G14 Clearomizer design-Korea -1

[KOR]S14, G14 Clearomizer Design

[JFT 등록_상표_JF로고_Korea] JF logo trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]JFT Trademark

[JFT 등록_상표_cycro_Korea] cycro trade mark-Korea-1

[KOR]CYCRO Trademark